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Why SHARP Works

SHARP is part of a network of dedicated partners, sponsors and educators—
a community devoted to reaching urban students with innovative programs incorporating science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

Find out what the community is saying about SHARP’s efforts to spark curiosity in every student, showing them their unlimited potential to continue learning long after workshops are over.

How SHARP Impacts Students

  • “It felt cool to make an invention because maybe it could become real. It was hard to do the project, but it just got easier over time. As we worked together more, we stopped arguing. The best part was working with them. We sit across from each other, but we don’t know very much about each other.” – Genesis, Escuela Vieau
  • “I did coding with SHARP last year too. Today we went on Code.org and we tried something a bit harder than what we’ve done before. It was cool to see that you can use coding for programming.” – Keira, Forest Home Avenue Elementary
  • “Today I learned to make my own website! I’m SO excited.” – Emilio, Forest Home Avenue Elementary

How SHARP Impacts Educators

  • “I appreciate SHARP so very much! This program is a very special learning opportunity for our kids and they just LOVE it!” – Lisa Ewert, 3rd grade MPS teacher
  • “Thank you to all of you! I will never forget how you have helped me grow as a teacher through the partnerships, workshops, We Love to Learn book projects, mural projects, and on and on…know that you are appreciated too!” – Litza Psarras Janowski, Blessed Sacrament
  • “We’ve known for a while now that we need to be teaching our students about coding and computer science, but we were just so overwhelmed, we didn’t know where to start. We’re grateful to SHARP Literacy and the Design Through Code program for helping us to fill that need and provide that opportunity to our students.” – Chris Her-Xiong, Principal of Hmong American Peace Academy

How SHARP Impacts Community Partners

  • “I love working with kids. You can feel the energy as soon as you see the kids. They give you a big smile and a hug.” – Ike Eke, Marquette University
  • “Our seniors enjoyed every moment of the kids visit! The connections made already on day one were truly amazing. We value our partnership with both SHARP and Whittier Elementary and are looking forward to wonderful reading/art days ahead!” – Nina Birschbach, Shorehaven Senior Living
  • “One of my favorite things about the partnership we have with SHARP is allowing our student-athletes to give back and continue to provide positive education to young people. It is much more than reading as they develop meaningful relationships and lifetime memories.” – Paul Combs, Carroll University

What Our Donors Say

  • “Donations from the A. O. Smith Foundation have been used to provide SHARP’s technology and art integrated curriculum. The foundation is honored to help bring SHARP to so many schools in the Milwaukee area.” – Rita Schwalbach, A. O. Smith Foundation

What Our Board Members Say

  • “Reading and learning have enriched my life beyond measure and opened up countless doors for me. Every child deserves access to a quality education, and I’m honored and proud to share my passion for education with younger generations through my involvement with SHARP Literacy.” – Sheldon Dutes, Board of Directors
  • “I was drawn to SHARP Literacy’s mission of providing innovative approaches to fostering growth through education and providing students with opportunities that they otherwise would not have. As a lifelong learner, lawyer, educator and father of three daughters, I can’t think of a better way to serve the community than through working with SHARP Literacy to help level the playing field so that every child has a real opportunity to succeed.” – Jason Luczak, Board of Directors
  • “If I had to choose one thing on which to focus for lifting the common good, it would be education. Literacy is the basis of education and no mission is more critical in these times.” – Jack Rooney, Board of Directors

What Our Young Professionals Say

  • “I got involved with SHARP Literacy because I am passionate about its mission of partnering with educators to provide an engaging and hands-on learning environment for students throughout our community.” – Tom Olson, Young Professionals Board Chair
  • “The youth of today are our leaders in the future and being able to be a part of SHARP Literacy and their mission that pushes those beliefs forward is an honor. I couldn’t be prouder of how SHARP Literacy is moving education forward in a way no other organization is doing.” – Hannah Kitzerow, Young Professionals Board Vice Chair
  • “I joined SHARP because I believe in helping youth identify as confident, capable scholars and lifelong learners. SHARP opens up a wealth of possibilities for students with their hands-on STEAM programming, and I’m proud to support their mission.” – Kimberly Coticchia, Young Professionals Board Vice Chair