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What People Are Saying About Us

“SHARP enhances student learning through vocabulary acquisition and comprehension, but most importantly, allows them to look not only at themselves but others.”

– Amy Domagalski, teacher, Victory K8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School


“The impact of the SHARP program cannot be stated with mere words. What I can say is that my students, year after year, not only improve their reading and writing skills, but they also become more confident learners. They are able to read, write, research, draw, explore and share new concepts with their peers and with their parents.”

– Litza Janowski, 2nd grade teacher, Blessed Sacrament Elementary School


“You help students grow – not only in the academic areas, but also the arts areas where many of them have deep strengths at this age.”

– Amy Domagalski, teacher, Victory K8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School


“While the impact of SHARP is often felt by students who are struggling, it also fits the needs of those who are high achievers.”

– Litza Janowski, 2nd grade teacher, Blessed Sacrament Elementary School


“I have been teaching fourth grade for 10 years. We need to meet many standards that involve Wisconsin. I have had a hard time finding a text book that has innovative ways of capturing all the aspects of Wisconsin…until now!

The SHARP Literacy program not only has the needed content of Wisconsin, but also has fun ways of approaching these concepts! I will be utilizing their ideas in my other subjects as well!

This program has many components that I love…The textbook, workbook, and teacher book are enticing and a VERY MOTIVATED presenter joined our class to teach vocabulary. This program also offers an educational tour that sounds amazing. To top it off…a pre- and post-assessment is provided to prove how well the program works!

My only gripe is…I wish I would’ve had this program 10 years ago!

Love it”

– Mary Lane, 4th grade teacher, St. Jerome


“I am indebted to SHARP because not only do you grow my students but you have grown me as an educator.”

– Amy Domagalski, teacher, Victory K8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School


“Browning Elementary summer school participants were very fortunate to experience SHARP Literacy programming for a second year. Our students learned so much about their community and have a profound new appreciation for Milwaukee. The mural project was amazing and something I know our students will take great pride in for years to come.”

– Antoinette J., Coordinator, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center


“SHARP Literacy opens my students’ eyes to the world around them.”

– Jill Bell Hofstad, St. John’s Glendale – LSSES


“Third year of participation – This is a great program for children to learn art knowledge and vocabulary. My students learned more this year regarding American Stories. Many students could relate to as well as be curious about historical information and the lives led by others.”

– Jessica Hansen, Anna F. Doerfler Elementary School


“Being a SHARP presenter has been an incredible learning opportunity!  Whether teaching in their first or twenty-fifth year, all teachers can grow and develop through collaboration with fellow educators. Working in SHARP classrooms has provided many wonderful opportunities to talk with administrators and teachers, listen to student ideas, and get a first-hand look at a variety of learning models in action.  In addition, SHARP staff are continually researching best practices for its curriculum to ensure that the students, teachers, and presenters are meeting the learning needs of the whole child.  It is a pleasure to be part of a team that strives to educate students as well as their entire learning team!!!”

– Joan Rice, SHARP Facilitator

“This past year my fifth grade students were involved with the Jewish Home and Health Care center residents.

It turned into one of the most heart touching experiences as the students developed deep loving relationships with every resident who attended.Thanks to advances in science and medicine, people are living longer lives than ever.

But while the ability to enjoy fulfillment and independence after retirement is wonderful, it also poses a challenge: How do we keep our youngest and oldest generations connected?

The answer for the Seniors at Jewish Home and Health Care center it is the  intergenerational programming, which is a  way of  bringing seniors and kids together to form fun and meaningful relationships through reading, discussion, sharing life stories, and creating art together. Both groups learn so much from each other that the result of these programs is always magical.

Intergenerational programs, like the Jewish Home and Health Care Center are fun for everyone involved, and they also pay positive dividends in kids’ and seniors’ lives, as well as for society as a whole.”

– Amy Domagalski, teacher, Victory K8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School

“Thank you for the materials! I’ve actually been using the language of “cultural mirrors” and “cultural windows” to talk to various docents about what we do. It has been extremely helpful and, it seems, intuitive for them to understand the meaning behind these terms. Thank you all for your work and continued collaboration!”

– Kantara Souffrant, Manager of School and Teacher Programs, Milwaukee Art Museum

“The engagement & curiosity were very impactful and brought about different inquiries within the students’ learning process.  Overall, the staff & students  seem to have enjoyed every moment of this programming.”

– Carnel Towns, site coordinator, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center