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Why SHARP Works

How SHARP Impacts Students

  • “Today we did Code.org and I learned how to make my mind work FASTER.” – Sammie, Summit View Elementary 4th grade DTC student
  • “I learned that computers use code to move an object in a certain way. It’s not as simple as it seems!” – Kaiya, Banting Elementary 4th grade DTC student
  • “It felt cool to make an invention because maybe it could become real. It was hard to do the project, but it just got easier over time. As we worked together more, we stopped arguing. The best part was working with them. We sit across from each other, but we don’t know very much about each other.” – Genesis, Escuela Vieau 4th grade DTC student

How SHARP Impacts Educators

  • “One of my students was almost non-verbal, but when we began discussing animals they opened up like never before!” – Blessed Sacrament K4 teacher
  • “One of my students was very excited about plants and seasons and was ready to plant a garden right away!  They were able to make connections to their garden at home and how to take care of plants.” – Granville Lutheran kindergarten teacher
  • “After the field trip to Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful one student was surprised at how many uses you could get from the things we throw in the garbage. He said they would look for ways to have their family try harder to recycle.” – Metcalfe Elementary 3rd grade teacher

How SHARP Impacts Our Community

  • “Our seniors enjoyed every moment of the kids visit! The connections made already on day one were truly amazing. We value our partnership with both SHARP and Whittier Elementary and are looking forward to wonderful reading/art days ahead!” – Nina Birschback, Campus Lifestyle Coordinator, Shorehaven Living
  • “One of my personal favorite things about the partnership we have with SHARP is allowing our student-athletes to give back and continue to provide positive education to the young people. It is much more than reading as they develop meaningful relationships and lifetime memories with the individual students. Every day is different and very rewarding for all involved.” – Paul Combs, Head Coach, Mens Basketball, Carroll University
  • “My experience with SHARP Literacy has been a real pleasure. The staff provide excellent communication and dedication in bringing authentic and valuable experiences to Milwaukee’s children.  As a SHARP partner, I feel thankful for being given the opportunity to connect children with the outdoors through the lens of literacy. By combining carefully chosen topics, related vocabulary and the richness of the outdoors, SHARP educational tours provide a seamless framework for effective, hands-on learning.” – Matt Flower, Environmental Education and Early Childhood Specialist, Urban Ecology Center

How SHARP Impacts Donors

  • “Donations from the A. O. Smith Foundation have been used to provide SHARP’s technology and art integrated curriculum. The foundation is honored to help bring SHARP to so many schools in the Milwaukee area.” With a fifteen-year history of support, the A. O. Smith Foundation and SHARP Literacy have formed a partnership devoted to enhancing student learning and infusing it with creativity.” – Rita Schwalbach, manager of the A. O. Smith Foundation