Where Does My Money Go?

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Make A Positive Impact With Every Donation

SHARP is grateful for every contribution and donation we receive. Every dollar is spent wisely, with the majority of the donations used to support our programs that positively impact students and teachers in Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha Counties.

Classroom Resources

Principals and teachers appreciate the visual art experiences SHARP educators bring into classrooms. Educators can connect to our digital portal to obtain additional resources and to collaborate with the larger SHARP community. We update our grade-specific student and teacher resources each year to reflect research-based best practices and teacher feedback.

Experiential Learning

For students and teachers, visiting museums and other community-based learning sites serve as the bridge between classrooms and the community. Students can touch a live sturgeon at Discovery World or get out their magnifying glass to explore nature at Urban Ecology Center. Through collaboration with highly trained museum and community-based educators, we are able to bring the best of arts integration and experiential learning to students and teachers.

Classroom Teacher Development

At SHARP, we are constantly learning and growing from our work with teachers. Your gift aids educators, granting them access to our professional development opportunities and seminars on culturally responsive teaching practices. We also provide training on social and emotional learning concepts so critical for students after years of remote learning.