Our Impact

Helping Students Become Lifelong Learners

Bringing Learning to Life

SHARP programming serves 8,500 students in 51 urban schools in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine counties. We partner with schools, teachers and youth-serving agencies to build students’ skills in the areas that best set them up for success now and in the future, from learning the fundamentals of coding to boosting their confidence in reading, math and science. We prepare SHARP students for a path to lifelong learning.

IMPACT: SHARP’s Core Program

Serves a variety of students
• 88% of those served by SHARP are students of color
• 85% of SHARP students qualify as economically disadvantaged


Instills a love for STEAM
Students showed statistically significant gains in demonstrating an affinity for STEAM learning through beliefs like…
• Ideas come from wondering
• It’s good to ask questions
• Good ideas can come from my questions

Provides memorable and transformative experiences that spark curiosity and motivate students to learn and explore
• Confidence predicts if students will persist in learning science, technology, engineering, art and math into the future
• Students showed statistically significant gains in confidence in their ability to read, do math and science after participating in SHARP workshops

Serve as a valuable partner to schools, teachers & community organizations
• Teachers view SHARP as providing increased opportunities for students and valuable professional development opportunities that enhance their teaching skills
• Net promoter score: 44 (up from 17 in 2018-19) Overall NPS calculation is based on teacher recommendation ratings of promotors (respondents rating SHARP 9 or 10) and detractors (respondents rating SHARP 0-6)

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IMPACT: SHARP’s Design Through Code (DTC) Program

Upper elementary students learn about the fundamentals of coding through both “unplugged’ (offline) and “plugged” (online) activities with Code.org. Objectives include:


Demonstrating proficiency as measured by the successful completion of specific coding activities and/or projects


Demonstrating an ability to see a project or activity to completion, as measured by a rubric.


Showing an increased interest in STEAM and confidence in their ability to learn, as measured through student surveys.


Demonstrating collaboration skills as measured through teacher surveys and SHARP Educator observation.


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