We Love to Learn Books

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Books Encourage Positive Collaboration

Books published in this series arise either from educational goals and standards or from topics that educators bring to us. Our dedicated teachers help to develop each theme and the core book project. Each book takes shape a bit differently, but for each one, it is SHARP students who research the topic and produce original writings and artwork. The final books include both English and Spanish text.

Edited by an educator and, at times, illustrated by a professional artist, each book is a result of a positive collaboration between schools, administrators, teachers, parents, community supporters and our generous donors.

Our books include:

  • Friends and Neighbors
  • All Around Milwaukee
  • All About Wisconsin
  • Bullying: Is Anyone Listening?
  • A Busy Bee: The Story of Bella the Honey Bee
  • A Great Lakes Adventure: Salmon’s Journey Home
  • There Grows the Neighborhood: Agriculture in the City
  • Explore MKE: Your Neighborhood, Our City
  • Aloha Adventure: A Story of Two Friends
  • Discover Waukesha 
  • The Didactic

Our books are available for purchase.

Coming Soon! SHARP’s 2022 We Love to Learn book, Journeys of Home: Migration, Perseverance and Culture, will feature the work of three writers (Lora Hyler, Mysee Herr and Xela Garcia) and one artist (Rozalia Hernandez Singh) sharing their unique stories and perspectives of their cultures and communities.

80 local students ranging 3rd through 6th grade from five schools participated in virtual Young Authors’ Workshops, facilitated by editor Adam Carr and Lora Hyler. Student writings range from short essays, opinions, poems, and drawings and will highlight the lively and rich histories of Wisconsin’s diverse cultures and communities.


Thanks to our funding partners for the Community Conversations project!