Bullying Is Anyone Listening?

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Bullying Is Anyone Listening?

This book project set out to define the issue through the unique voices of SHARP students. Students were challenged to find words to describe their feelings as they wrote true accounts of situations they experienced. Once the research, reading and writing were completed, students illustrated their written compositions for inclusion in the published book. Sometimes adults see bullying as a normal passage of childhood. However in this book, the reader sees that, for children, being bullied is more than just a simple rite of passage.



I’ve watched bullying before.
He visto hostigamiento anteriormente.

Let me tell you, it’s not fun.
Déjame decirte, eso no es divertido.

First they either call you names or hit you hard.
Primero te dicen nombres o te golpean fuerte.

Then when they’re done hitting you,
Cuando terminan de golpearte,

they make fun of you because you are hurt.
Ellos hacen burla de ti, porque estas herido.

Then walk away to do it to someone else.
Entonces se van caminando para hacerselo a alguna otra persona.

Published 2008. Download excerpt. (PDF)

Funded by the Elizabeth A. Brinn Foundation, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Inc., The Janus Foundation and the Halbert and Alice Kadish Fund.

$15.95 - Softcover