Dear SHARP friends,

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Dear SHARP friends,

As we approach the end of 2018, it is time to look back on the many wonderfully creative projects and activities with which SHARP Literacy has been involved. We could spend time recounting them all and explaining the valuable contributions they make toward the education of our youth. We could point out that SHARP serves over 8,000 at-risk students. Instead, we’d like to focus on just one of those many incredible opportunities from which SHARP students have benefited.

SHARP’s Create Art with Code (CAC) program serves fourth grade students at Escuela Vieau, Forest Home Avenue Elementary School, Rogers Street Academy and Doerfler Elementary School. While learning the basics of coding, the students grew in perseverance, learned to communicate with each other, collaborate effectively and solve problems. They also came to the realization that they could have a career in coding or a STEAM-related field. We could have had a teacher or guide connected with CAC provide a testimonial with glowing praise and reports of great success.

But we believe that words from the students themselves convey a far more powerful message. Here are a few of their reflections following the program:

“Today I discovered that our mistakes help us learn. Also, that I’m a little more patient than I expected.”

“Today I discovered that thoughts of my teammates can be great ideas.”

“I discovered that I am really good at coding.”

“I like coding because it’s like a puzzle and I like to be challenged.”

Such words, spoken from the “mouths of babes,” speak to the efficacy and value of SHARP programs. In view of these positive results, we ask you to consider a special year-end gift to SHARP. It is a tangible and meaningful way for you to express your gratitude to SHARP Literacy for the many encouraging and uplifting outcomes that we sometimes take for granted.

Please donate now to support the educational excellence we all value. Your contribution supports continued programming and provides new opportunities for urban elementary students.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year.


Lynda and Tom