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Thank you for your interest in SHARP Literacy, Inc.! Please read the “Expectations for Participating in SHARP Literacy, Inc.”  Next, please complete the application below in its entirety. The application will be submitted electronically.


2017 – 2018 Expectations for Participating in SHARP Literacy, Inc.

The mission of SHARP Literacy is to energize urban school children to become confident, capable readers, writers and researcher, using the visual arts as our tool to engage young minds and reinforce learning.

School Expectations:

  • In operation for a  minimum of three years.
  • Have established procedures for collecting and analyzing data to increase student achievement and inform teachers’ instructional practices.
  • Have a minimum of three  years of evidence of increasing student achievement.
  • Administrators/principals and teachers must attend an introductory meeting with Executive Director  and a member of SHARP’s Education Department staff prior to implementing the program.
  • Have the capacity and willingness to participate in and submit SHARP’s assessments, e.g., vocabulary pre- and post- assessment and Writing Challenge.
  • The Teachers participating in the program are expected to use the SHARP curriculum, assessments, workbooks, and core books to further enrich/support their educational program.
  • Schools participating  in the SHARP program must participate in the museum and other program related enrichment activities for students in grades K4 through 5.
  • Willingness to participate in SHARP’s marketing and funding efforts by supplying  testimonials, pictures, onsite visits by funders, etc.
  • Willing to send their school liaison and/or designated grade level teachers to participate in  SHARP’s fall and summer teacher professional development opportunities.
  • Administrators/principals must commit to attending one of two SHARP Principals’ Meetings in fall and/or spring.
  • Teachers must have the capacity to administer, assess, and submit the pre- and post- vocabulary assessment for grades K4 through 5.
  • Teachers must have the capacity to lead their students through a writing process to engage in and submit the SHARP Writing Challenge for grades K4 through 5.
  • After two years, in order for schools to continue participating in the SHARP program, there must be evidence of measurable participation in SHARP’s assessments, and measurable participation in SHARP’s teachers’ professional development or principals’ meetings.

Name of School
Name of Principal
School Phone Number
School Address
Contact Person's Name
Contact Person's Job Title
Contact Person's Phone Number
Contact Person's Email
What grade levels are included in your school?
What grade levels would you like to participate in SHARP initially, as a pilot?
How is your school categorized? Please state all categorizations that apply. (e.g.: choice school, charter school, public school, parochial school, specialty school, bilingual school, etc.)
Does your school have any other affiliates or locations? Please list all names and addresses, if applicable.
Does your school have a full time or part time art teacher?
Does your school have a full time or part time literacy specialist/ literacy coach?
How did you hear about the SHARP program?
Why does your school want to participate in the SHARP program?
How many students are enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year?
What year was the school founded?
What percentage of students receive free or reduced lunch?
What percentage of students are minorities?
To what capacity would the school’s administration be supportive of program implementation?
Would teachers be allowed one or two professional development days for SHARP training?
Would your school be willing to administer and submit pre-assessments, post-assessments, and writing challenges by a specified due date?
Would your teachers be willing to incorporate workbooks into their curriculum?
Is your school able to financially assist bringing SHARP into your school? Please explain.
What percentage of your student population turns over within the academic school year?
What year would you potentially want to begin participating in SHARP Literacy, Inc.?
Does your school meet all of the 2017-2018 expectations outlined in the above section? If not, please explain where there are discrepancies and why.
Please provide any other information you think may be significant for your school’s application to participate in the SHARP program.