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I was taught to appreciate and respect books and learning materials.  And I always got such joy as a child to have a new workbook in my hands that was mine!!  I relive whenever I can write a check.


At Brown Street Academy I watched a transformation happen with the children in front of me. Three classes of 2nd grade students filled the room, and we traveled on a journey, experiencing different weather fronts and forms of water. We explored the fish breathing in the streams and the way the ice crystals of a frozen pond make our winter skies a muted rainbow.

Laura G., SHARP educator

Meeting Donald Driver was the greatest thing I have ever done. I felt excited on the outside and nervous on the inside. The hotel that I met Donald Driver in was huge and beautiful and really fancy. I got a book from Donald Driver and it was so awesome that my family came by me just to look at it.

SHARP 3rd grade student, Reflection on attending "A Novel Event"

“On behalf of my grandchildren and myself, I really am thankful for the SHARP books that you gave my boys.”

Westside Academy

“Thank you all at SHARP for giving these books to my little girl.”


“SHARP brings learning alive to myself and my students. All students (Special Education especially) really internalize the curriculum. They retain more with SHARP that with any curriculum I’ve taught.”

Anonymous, Teacher

“For those of us whose mission is to instill hope in the hearts of the children with very little cause for hope, this wonderful program is imperative.”

Betsey Folsom,
Urban Day School

“I was impressed with the use of student work in the SHARP Literacy books. It is powerful to have children see that their work in schools is part of a bigger whole than just completing a task in the classroom.”

Anne Ziebell-Schmidt, Instructor,
UWM School of Education

“I love the SHARP program! The presentations and workbook helped motivate and educate my students.”

Joseph Becker, Teacher,
Clarke Street School

“The bottom line is, our students are better able to read and write thanks to SHARP.”

Duane Miller, Former Principal,
St. Martini Lutheran School