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Our past Annual Reports are in an easy-to-read format and are packed with stories about the success of our program.

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SHARP students improve their literacy skills between 40-70%.

SHARP students in grades K4–5 build their vocabulary skills through the visual arts. As a means of evaluating the results, pre- and post- vocabulary assessments are conducted each year across all grade levels.  The vocabulary assessments were related to the following themes:

K4 : Science –  Living Things
K5 : Science –  Plants
Grade 1: Science – Bees
Grade 2: Science – Great Lakes
Grade 3: Social Studies – Urban Agriculture
Grade 4: Social Studies – Wisconsin
Grade 5: Social Studies – Building a Nation

2015-2016 Results

  1. Student enrollment in the SHARP program has risen 42% over the last four years.
  2. The percentage of students enrolled in the SHARP program with both pre and post assessment results has risen by 17 percentage points over the last four years.
  3. Student performance gains on the SHARP assessment averages 25 percentage points from the pre to post assessment.
  4. Five schools (Northwest Catholic, Victory, Blessed Sacrament, Trowbridge, Doerfler) in the SHARP program had performance gains (from the pre to post assessment) which were 10 percentage points higher than the average increase in at least two grades or more and with an overall post assessment which also was at least 10 percentage points higher than the average performance level.
  5. In a special Control Group Analysis comparing student performance of students enrolled in the SHARP program with students not in the SHARP program, in all but one grade, a greater percentage of students enrolled in the SHARP program generated much larger performance gains than in the Control Group.An additional analysis of students matching the Control Group pre assessment resulted in SHARP program students generating performance gains which were 2 ½ times greater than comparable students in the Control Group.

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Previous Evaluations

A formal study conducted by Applied Measurement and Evaluations Services in 2003 concluded that students in the SHARP program read and write 40%-70% better than students who do not participate in the program.  Keenan Grenell, Ph.D. of the Grenell Group, LLC, made his report available in June 2011. The reports are below:

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