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Our past Annual Reports are in an easy-to-read format and are packed with stories about the success of our program.

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SHARP students improve their literacy skills between 40-70%.

SHARP students in grades K5–5 build their vocabulary skills through the visual arts. As a means of evaluating the results, pre- and post- vocabulary assessments are conducted each year across all grade levels.  The vocabulary assessments were related to the following themes:

K5 : Science – The Life Cycle of Plants
Grade 1: Science – The Life Cycle of Growing Things
Grade 2: Science – Weather, Water, and the Environment
Grade 3: Social Studies – Our Community
Grade 4: Social Studies – Wisconsin
Grade 5: Social Studies – Building a Nation

2013-2014 Results

SHARP administers pre- and post- assessments to all students across all grades. Students correctly identifying 4 or more new words is considered achieving at grade level and identifying 7 or more new words is considered achieving above grade level.

Results from 2013-14 pre- and post- assessments indicate that on 77% of SHARP students completed both pre- and post- assessments; up from 70% in 2012-13.  On average 68% of SHARP students increased their vocabulary by 4 or more words, the highest increase being at Grade 5 with 78%.  Fifty-four percent of SHARP students increased their vocabulary by 7 or more words, up from 49% in 2012-13.


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Previous Evaluations

A formal study conducted by Applied Measurement and Evaluations Services in 2003 concluded that students in the SHARP program read and write 40%-70% better than students who do not participate in the program.  Keenan Grenell, Ph.D. of the Grenell Group, LLC, made his report available in June 2011. The reports are below:

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