Annual Reports

Our past Annual Reports are in an easy-to-read format and are packed with stories about the success of our program.

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Where Does My Money Go?

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Classroom Resources

Each year we update our grade specific Student Workbooks and corresponding Teacher Guides. Thousands of these classroom resources are printed and distributed each year. When funding permits, SHARP provides additional books to build each child’s personal library. Learn more.

Experiential Learning

Most of the children participating in SHARP Literacy would not have the opportunity to visit a museum on their own. Specialized docent tours use the visual arts to underscore reading comprehension as the children discover the power of art to move, inspire and educate. In-school presentations by SHARP-trained presenters help students master vocabulary terms and ignite their creativity. The direct result of this experience is reflected in each child’s final Year-End Writing assignment and vocabulary test results. Learn more.

Classroom Teacher Development

The dedicated teachers in Milwaukee’s public, charter and choice schools are enthusiastic about the SHARP Literacy program. We help them learn new ways to engage their students through the visual arts and address some of the serious issues they face each day in the classroom – diminishing resources and support, and the impact of the complicated lives many of their students lead. Learn more.